La Revue de Presse

La Revue de Presse

Toutes les deux semaines, Arsia Mons Conseil vous propose de retrouver une sélection d’articles sur l’actualité du numérique et l’entreprise. C’est la revue de presse IT.
La Revue de Presse

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Digital transformation: 3 leadership approaches that work
Sometimes, digital transformation means getting bagels in customers’ hands faster. Listen to real-world stories of how to get – and stay – closer to customers  [Lire la suite]

Predictions for 2020: Trends leading the way for the next wave of digital transformation
Industry experts share their insight into what technologies will drive digital transformation in 2020. [Lire la suite]

Is Your Company Suffering from Supplier Stockholm Syndrome?
That phrase came to me many years ago when working on a multi-million pound IT outsourcing deal. We were up to our necks in the finer points of platform-wide and stack-deep security, and I realised we were fighting amongst ourselves more than challenging the final competing vendors [Lire la suite]

Pourquoi la moitié des projets IA échouent
L’échec des chantiers d’intelligence artificielle est consubstantiel au domaine, notamment compte-tenu des défis à relever dans la data. [Lire la suite]

Digital transformation is a marathon not a sprint!
Transforming organisations is more about bringing in new ways of thinking and shaping the culture to make these ways of thinking thrive than changing ways of working. [Lire la suite]

Use technology to accelerate through uncertainty
Digital investments can help your company be resilient amid changes in the economic environment. [Lire la suite]

New Technology Adoption: Not an All or Nothing Proposition
You can’t deploy technology and hope people use it. Adoption requires dedicated effort behind it. Time to unleash your technology cheerleaders. [Lire la suite]